by Eric Indrisie

An elderly lady on the North Shore contacted me looking for someone she can trust to assist with a number of painting and renovation tasks. We had a short conversation and I was able to meet her at her home in Takapuna, North Shore the following morning. When we spoke, family had previously lived in the house, and a number of rooms had been unused for some time. The customer was unsure whether she would eventually sell the house due to sentimental reasons but also wanted to ensure that for the remaining time she lived in this home, that she would be able to enjoy all of it. That meant that some interior renovation painting would be required to refresh the inside of the home, in this case I leant towards painting more, rather than less of the space, it would cost her more now, but it the long-run, if she chose to sell, then it would pay off measurably more, so it was worth doing that bit extra. With the details discussed we decided that we would refresh the interior of her home with a large, but appropriate, amount of painting.


The job went perfectly as planned and following the completion of this we began to discuss the exterior of her home. Knowing that me and my team are reliable and trustworthy she didn’t hesitate to ask for another assessment and recommendation for the painting of the outside of her home. I assessed the entire exterior of the house and determined, that with my painting scaffolding and building partners, we could offer a very high-value exterior renovation and painting that would again be a great investment in her home. She again agreed. I managed the entire project ensuring that safe, trustworthy tradesmen were on-site and were respectful and curtious to her on the days she was around at her home during the renovation. Where possible, we scheduled the exterior painting to be minimal fuss and interruption to her day-to-day routine. We completed the home in HardiTex and Brick. It had a beautiful painting job on top and overall a stunning outcome and an excellent, notable painting job for the outside of a home on the

North Shore.


If you have any questions about painting the exterior of your North Shore home – call Eric now – no job too big or small!