by Eric Indrisie

The best result depends on how you define it. It is important to know whether the customer is planning on keeping or selling their home to determine the best course of action for value. Eric’s approach is to spend a good amount of time up-front to understand your situation and what lead you to considering getting the painting job for your North Shore home or office. Once Eric has done this, with his experience in painting North Shore homes, he can suggest the best options for you to consider. Under Eric’s guidance, a team of qualified, skilled tradespersons will be managed to ensure that any building, renovation or painting work that you need done will be well managed and taken care of. All of Eric’s projects can be managed around your every day activities to ensure minimal disruption and hassle. Whether it is an exterior or interior painting job – Eric has managed hundreds of them on the North Shore.


It is important when consider getting painting or renovation work done on your home to assess what areas of the home will add the most value when renovated. For instance, with interior painting, you need not paint every area of the room if you already have décor or furnishings in that part of that room that already are of a reasonable standard (determine by the owner and their goals/intent). Eric will come to your home and do an honest, transparent assessment of the work to be completed and can arrange a schedule around your day. Eric will advise you to find the best value option possible for your unique situation. If you’re retaining the property and want to get the most out of it for the next number of years you live in it then you can look at every and all options and Eric can give you a wide range of options and discuss each with you in detail.


If you have any questions about how to get the best result on your North Shore painting job then give Eric a call today!